Christian Contemporary Music . . . . . . at it's best! 

You'll know exactly what I mean when you hear him . . . .
SOMETHING FRESH & NEW sounding that will
stir you, inspire you & challenge you!
With a warm intimate feel that will capture your passion & desire to press hard after God & draw you closer to Him.
- With a Rock, ballad feel this ORIGINAL NEW SOUND contemporary Christian music,
is guaranteed to fast become a favorite!

God has inspired Paul Furlong to offer his music FREE of charge.
You can request his full x2 albums mp3 download absolutely FREE!

actual cd normally $29.95 AUD each

"Sir your songs are a source of Inspiration for me and each time i listen to them just break into tears, They are so touching
and so powerful. I just love the lyrics and the music and your voice. Lord Almighty continues blessing you,
I had lost your songs from my system during a cleanup process by my husband and I had been so upset for the past 1 week
but i didn't give up and i kept looking for your songs I only remembered Paul and the Album title and today i got the site
right in front of me. Thank you for your good work that you are doing for us to bring us near to God and to feel his presence

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Have a little Faith
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Christian gospel & contemporary worship music with free mp3 downloads to enjoy worldwide & encourage you to "go hard"
after God & live for Him.
Paul Furlong singer songwriter inspired by God to give free Christian mp3 downloads to all his worship music, praise music 
& gospel music, Christian music.
Paul Furlong is an Evangelist & Pstors a Church in Australi Mornington Peninsula Melbourne at "the revival"
His Christian music is written to draw you into the presence of God with heart felt Christian lyrics. Paul is currently running
revival; meeting & experiencing an awesome outpouring & presence of God......
These Christian worship songs will touch your heart, motivate you & challenge you to live for God!
Christian ballads, light rock with a slight touch of country .....enjoy!
Sponsor an Orphan?
Save a child from sex trafficking?
Free a whole families of slaves?
$25-$75 per month..YOU Choose
100% goes directly to the need!
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Paul Furlong conducts Gospel/Healing/Revival Crusades around the world to bring
the glory, power & healing of God into lives as he minsiters as an International
Evangelist & Revivalst. More info click below... 


Paul Furlong has set up & provides for numerous Orhanages around the world, feeding the poor compforting the outcast & those in desperate need....see more click below....


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